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Latina Looks Like Me: Latina Como Yo  depicts the importance of embracing physical characteristics that make each of us unique. The book descibes the various attributes of Latina's. The book teaches young girls how to confidently embrace their culture and boldly share their experiences with the world!

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Latina Looks Like Me, is for all girls of color. It depicts that diversity is not one color, shape, or size. It will give confidence to those who feel as if they should look a certain way because society said they should - Julia J.

Me encanta el mensaje de autoestima que este libro provee.  

- Kim C.

Developing a child’s self esteem at a young age helps them to grow up more confident in themselves, their looks, their abilities and talents and put less value on others opinions and ideas of who should be. When you have healthy self-esteem you feel good about yourself and see yourself as deserving the respect from others. This book is a magnification of words that start to employ a young ladies self-esteem and hearing them sooner rather than later can make a world of difference.

 I loved the way the book shared specifics about the visual make up of an Afro-Latina from their hair, body type and facial structure to name a few. This book implements thoughts of positive self-esteem that is encouraging and motivating! I think this project will help little girls be able to recognize there looks are a part of what makes them their own unique individual a(but not the only factor) and there is no one else exactly like them! It offers a sense of community and helps to translate the message you are not alone and there are others that share those similarities. The message is clear, diversity is beautiful. I personally feel this book is enthusiastic, appealing, motivational, and strengthening to little girls all around the world.

Juanetta S.

Personalmente pienso que”latina looks like me”es un libro muy bueno,informativo he interesante y a continuación explico por qué...

Desde mi punto de vista los latinos/as pueden tener cualquier tono de piel,peinado,facciones y es específicamente a lo que hace referencia el libro,pienso que el modo en que enseña a los niños a aceptar quienes son,sus raíces es muy interesante, a mi modo de ver qué los latinos somos una mezcla de razas,colores y culturas,sangre africana,taína y europea es lo que somos,mezcla es lo somos.

En mi opinión es un excelente libro


Eric D

Latina Looks Like Me, is inspirational and gives a voice to the Latin community, who is still fighting for equality and respect in different parts of the world. It is the blue print to building self confidence and loving your physical features, language and culture even if they are different than others. What I love must about Latina Looks Like Me is this book is relatable to any woman or girl of every race, and that speaks volumes. It’s a message to Latina girls and all girls to know “you are okay and enough”, just the way you are. Latina Looks Like let’s you know that beauty is undefined and comes and all forms. 



Latina Looks Like Me was an exceptional read. It's very rare to read a book about embracing your diversities, especially pertaining to your race. The imagery was beautiful as well, I loved the variety of skin tones and hair types of each character. It was a true reflection on what Latina really looks like in the world. 


-Shatoria. S 

Latina Looks Like Me will be available on Amazon & Kindle on February 26, 2021

$14.99 + S&H

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